Welcome to our community!

Thank you for joining the Age of Transformation. This is our community forum where you can engage with others, comment on and discuss posts, and - hopefully - advance a more emotionally intelligent approach to the conversations we need around the biggest challenges and opportunities of our times.

We have some simple but strict house-rules:

  • Be courteous and polite, even when - especially when - you disagree
  • Be humble - no matter how much we think we know, it’s always still a perspective, and there’s always room for learning, including from people we completely disagree with
  • Be an active listener - always be willing to actually engage with others are saying
  • Be a constructive contributor - don’t just do ‘take-downs’ to ‘be right’. take responsibility for what you say and be accountable for it, which means, reflect on your role in how it’s going to be received, and do your best to speak in way which encourages others to listen
  • Be evidence-based - always try to offer verifiable evidence, and if that’s not possible, acknowledge when you’re speculating or exploring
  • Be specific - avoid sweeping generalisations about things, trends or people that cannot be specifically substantiated with clear evidence
  • And finally: don’t be an arsehole. Good general life advice that definitely applies online.

If we all try to follow these guidelines, we can have much more robust and generative conversations that help us produce a body of shared intelligence, even amidst our most trenchant disagreements.

Thank you, and enjoy!

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