The Collapse of Civilisation is an Unprecedented Opportunity

The inflection point that our civilisation is experiencing today on a global scale is unprecedented, but it’s not unique.

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Great article Nafeez, I’m reading the “collapse” books you recommended rebutting Diamond, and so far I’m feeling more optimistic, still I’m really worried for my country: Mexico because on your book of Failing States you forecasted an state failure on my country between 2020-2030 and instead of actually investing on renewables our president this period built oil refineries. Quinto Informe de Gobierno: AMLO dice que la refinería de Dos Bocas empezará a producir petrolíferos este viernes So as a young person I’m quite scared. I’m eager to read your next articles on systemic levers because we really going to need them, and Mexico has a great solar potential.