Culture Wars Are a Symptom of Earth System Crisis

Everywhere we look we see multiple, overlapping crises accelerating at exponential rates - climate-related disasters, a pandemic, war in Europe, cost of living, energy and food scarcity, to name just a few.

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Dear Nafeez, great analysis. I lot of it I wrote in 2013 in a never published book, Brace for Impact. However, I think the one element that would make the story more complete was the Russian heat wave and crop failure of 2010, which was mirrored in a similar huge flood in that year in Pakistan as two sides of the meandering jet stream brought about by Arctic amplification, caused by albedo loss in that region. These so-called Omega blockages of a stagnant Rossby wave get more frequent because of polar amplification linked to global warming and the breakdown of the biotic pump over the northern forests. Russia declared a wheat and barley ban in August 2010 which caused the bread price to jump leading to the Arab Spring protests.